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photo of author maya macgregor walking barefoot across a log above a river with their arms outstretched, wearing a soft, knee-length ivory dress and a sparkling tiara settled on loose auburn curls

Photo by Max Crawford Photography, 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Maya MacGregor is an author, singer, and artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. A fluent Gaelic speaker, Maya is active in many community activities in Gaelic music as well as writing contemporary YA and adult fiction (as Emmie Mears and M Evan MacGriogair). Maya has a degree in history and is passionate about writing the stories for teens they wish had existed when they were younger and fills them with the type of people who have always populated their world. Their pronouns are they/them.

THE MANY HALF-LIVED LIVES OF SAM SYLVESTER is Maya’s first YA novel and is a finalist for the Andre Norton Nebula award. THE EVOLVING TRUTH OF EVER-STRONGER WILL, Maya’s next YA, comes out in 2023.

Like Sam, Maya is autistic. Also like Sam, Maya spent much of life learning to mask autistic behaviours. Some of Maya’s special interests are:

Gaelic (which you can now learn on Duolingo!)
Dragon Age (especially Dragon Age Inquisition!)
Gaelic song and poetry